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1 Year PG Diploma In Advertising & Commercial Photography

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Diploma In Commercial Photography

1 Year Course

Semester 1:

Foundation in Photography

The basics of cameras and lenses such as learning the relation between exposure variables of ISO, Shutter Speed and Depth of Field; perspectives and focal lengths; which are applicable at any given stage in a photographer’s career. Practically explained with demo shoots and field trips, students evaluated over a slide show presentation system. This remains the teaching-evaluation practice throughout the future modules.


Editorial/ Candid Photography

An understanding of how the basics can be applied to real world scenarios, coupled with student assignments. Instructor supervised assignments of candid photography, editorial coverage and wedding photography base a strong practical working knowledge of the SLR camera and its applications to everyday photo assignments. Students also learn to master the portable flash during this module.


Conceptual Approach to Photography

The basis on communicating to the subconscious mind – which all visual art ultimately strives to achieve. Coupled with practical creative shoots on a simple level, including planning through execution of a student shoot under the supervision of the instructor. Industry experts take guest lecturers during this module, giving students an insight into the requirements of the industry.


Introduction to Studio lighting

An introductory module to the studio environment, which will serve as a foundation to the possible studio photographer. Students learn to use professional studio lights and light modifiers; controlling light by cutting, shading and diffusing it; to gain creative control in the studio environment. Having witnessed a demo by Karthik Srinivasan shooting in the studio, the students are trained on studio lighting before they try their own hand at it.


Photoshop 1 – Introduce a foundation in Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop operation for basic photo editing. This module will include a foundation to Adobe Photoshop; and in depth look at the tools and menu system of the software which every photographer should know, culminating in student exercises to make basic adjustments such as cropping, color correcting and optimizing images for the final output.


Semester 2:

Photoshop 2

A comprehensive approach to photo editing for professional visuals. This module is designed with the professional applications of the software & creative Photoshop techniques for Advertising Photography. Karthik’s own in-house team trains students on the finer aspects of digital post processing.


Advanced Lighting Techniques

All you need to know about lighting different subjects for the most common applications of commercial photography. This critical module of the course covers professional studio lighting to understand the set-up for different applications such as modeling shoots, jewelry, Saree, Table Top, interiors and Automobile. This module also introduces students to world renowned Broncolor lights and accessories. Practical Classes with professional models, Stylists, Make Up artists & Hair Stylists. Here the students start shooting like true professionals, managing every aspect of the shoot from styling to execution.


Medium format & Digital Backs

Familiarization with the most professional photo equipment applicable to high end photo shoots. An understanding of why a larger size or sensor size is preferable in commercial photo environments. Hands-on training on tethered shooting with firewire, handling a larger camera, getting the lens to tact-sharp focus and churning on immensely high resolution files.


Understanding Advertising

An understanding of the requirement expected of the ad photographer from the world of advertising. This highly interactive module puts students face to face with famed Art Directors, Creative directors, Stylists, Designers, Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists from the advertising world, giving them a sound understanding of the role of a photographer in the commercial scenario. Students will be taught about advertising layouts from start to finish.



Students go out into a real world scenario to get a feel of the world of commercial photography. The academy encourages and facilitates an internship module to give the students a sense of the professional world of commercial photography – Internships are provided with the most reputed photographers, Editorials and Advertising Agencies in the city. Students will also get a chance to assist Ace Photographer Karthik Srinivasan during his Advertising & Celebrity shoots.


Final Project

Portfolio Creation using all the knowledge acquired so far. In this module, students choose their genre of specialization after having acquired a taste of varying photography environments, and a professional portfolio is created under the expert guidance of faculty. This portfolio also serves as a deciding factor on the final passing merit.


Course Fees
Rs.2,50,000 /- Plus Tax