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What will you learn in 2 Days?


Session 1:

  •  Create image catalogue and import images into Lightroom
  •  Navigating the library, develop, map, print, slideshow
  •  Various views- Compare view, loupe view and grid view
  • Understanding the connection between camera and Lightroom
  • Image adjustments- Histogram, white balance, basic tools

Session 2:

  •  Understanding Tone curves
  • Understanding colour theory and how to use colour knowledge in Lightroom
  • Colour adjustments- HSL, Split toning
  • Colour grading

Day 2

Session 1:

  • Creating custom colour tones and presets.
  • Artistic tools- Red eye removal, spot removal, clone tool, graduated filter, radial filter and adjustment brush
  • Applying special effects using artistic vignetting, grain effects
  • Editing wedding pictures in bulk
  • Implementing the new A.I tools to enhance pictures
  • Linking Photoshop while using Lightroom

Session 2:

  • LIVE Project & Assignment
  • Applying text or graphical watermarks on images
  • Export images to internal and external storage in different formats
  • How to edit pictures on Lightroom mobile
  • Tethering camera in Lightroom

May 20 2023 - May 21 2023

10 am to 4 pm

3,000 INR (plus GST 18%)

Kindly Note:
Our Academy is a Private Institution and it is not attached to any Government body, Universities or any academic council.


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