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Focus to perfection

Posted on: May 9, 2017 at 5:50 am

Portraiture is probably the most common of photographic uses, be it for the amateur or professional. When photographing portraits, we usually try and use a shallow depth of field, so as to isolate our subject from the background. Here are a few tips –


  1. Use the largest aperture possible (for example f 2.8 if you have a 2.8 lens).
  2. Use the longest focal length possible on your zoom lens.
  3. Use a tightly composed frame with minimum clutter.

The above rules will generally ensure an acceptable picture. However, to focus to perfection especially with very fast lenses (f 2.8 or more), move your focus accurately to the eye of the model to add that special zing to your photograph. A razor sharp focus on the eye, especially with tight close ups is what separates a great photograph from an ‘ok’ photograph.