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Diploma In Professional Photography & Videography

Admissions open for 2024-25 

6 Months Course

What you will learn in this Course ??

Module 1 (Duration - 1 Month) - September


  • Fundamentals of Photography
  • Camera setting
  • Exposure triangle
  • Study on Lenses
  • Introduction to Lightroom
  • Basics of Lightroom workflow
  • Observation of Light
  • Macro Photography
  • Guest lecture
  • Abstract Photography

Module 2 (Duration - 1 Month) - October


  • Street & Photojournalism
  • Rules and Storytelling in Street & PhotoJournalism
  • Wildlife & Landscape Photography Theory
  • Rules of Composition and Elements
  • Color Correction
  • Basics of Camera Raw
  • Guest Lecture
  • Travel Photography Basics
  • Still Life Photography

Module 3 (Duration - 1 Month) - November


  • Speed Light Principles.
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Basics of Photoshop Tools
  • Food & Product.
  • High speed sync in Photography.
  • Freeze Photography
  • Basic Mobile Videography
  • Videography using Mobile Gimbal
  • Video Editing Apps

Module 4 (Duration - 1 Month) - December


  • High End Product Photography
  • Introduction to Videography (Mirrorless & DSLR)
  • Exposure and Framerate for Videography
  • Set Creation on Product Photography
  • Photoshop Basic Manipulation
  • Introduction to Adobe Premiere pro

Module 5 (Duration - 1 Month) - January


  • Introduction to Automobile Photography
  • Lenses and Composition for Automobile Photography
  • Lighting up the Subject
  • Color Correction in Photoshop
  • Advanced tools in Photoshop
  • Architecture
  • Composition
  • Event Photography
  • Handling the fast paced environment
  • Basic Videography (Mirrorless & DSLR)
  • Basic Video editing
Course Fees
Rs.1,50,000 /- Plus tax

Kindly Note:
Our Academy is a Private Institution and it is not attached to any Government body, Universities or any academic council.

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What is the preferred language of teaching?

The preferred language of teaching is English & but all our faculty are open to explain in regional language- Tamil, suiting the need of students

Who are all the faculties teaching in the academy?

All our faculty are professionally experienced, having diverse expertise and are well connected with the industry. There are a total of 8 faculties including in-house faculty & guest faculties

How’s Karthik Srinivasan sir's classes gonna be?

Students of KAPA have the greatest advantage of learning from the master himself & Karthik Srinivasan will be taking exclusive sessions on diverse topics on Advertising, Fashion & Commercial Photography techniques. He will also give professional LIVE demo shoots on Advertising, Fashion & etc.Students also have the great advantage to assist him in advertisement, Fashion & Portfolio shoots during their course period.

Do you offer internships or placements?

We assist the students in getting internship & placement and will support them in whichever way possible through the process

Do we get a Certification?

Yes, at the end of the course there will be a convocation and PG Diploma /Diploma certificates will be awarded for the ones who successfully complete the course.

How are the Career prospects, after the completion of course?

With the booming Digital industry, the demand for commercial photographers is on a 'never seen before' high offering vast opportunities in diverse fields for budding Photographers

Is the Course Recognized by any University?

Our Academy is a Private Institution and it is not attached to any Government body, Universities or any academic council