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About US

Welcome to KAPA, the Premier Photography and Videography Academy, a visionary institution that has been shaping creative minds and nurturing talents for a glorious decade with the phenomenal mentorship and guidance of Ace Photographer Karthik Srinivasan.

Established with a passion for the art of photography and videography, KAPA has consistently stood as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring photographers and videographers, empowering them to transcend artistic boundaries and flourish in the dynamic world of visual storytelling.

As we proudly celebrate our 10th year in the realm of photographic education, KAPA’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. With unwavering commitment and a profound understanding of the craft, we have cultivated a community of photography and videography enthusiasts who have not only honed their skills but have also emerged as commercially successful photographers in an industry that demands nothing less than excellence.


Our Vision

KAPA’s core mission is to turn passion into a profession. We’re dedicated to harnessing the raw creativity of emerging photographers and videographers, providing them with the essential technical skills and business know-how needed to excel in a fiercely competitive industry. Under the visionary leadership of acclaimed photographer Karthik Srinivasan, KAPA cultivates an environment where innovation meets professionalism, shaping individuals into industry-ready photographers and videographers who not only possess great skills but are also strategically prepared to make a significant impact.


What we do at KAPA?

Through meticulously crafted courses and hands-on workshops, KAPA ensures that every student embarks on a transformative journey. From mastering the art of composition and lighting to post-processing techniques, our curriculum covers the entire spectrum of the photographic and videographic arts. What sets KAPA apart is our emphasis on imparting real-world insights and practical knowledge and empowering students to navigate the complexities of the industry with confidence.

Powered by innovations

In collaboration with Sony, KAPA leverages cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide students with an unparalleled learning experience. Our partnership with Sony not only reflects our commitment to quality but also ensures that students are exposed to the latest tools that define modern photography.


Message from Sony Alpha

❝ We are delighted to be associated with KAPA, the brainchild of Karthik Srinivasan. Sony and KAPA believe in the same ideology of spreading awareness about photography in the country. We are happy to be able to extend an opportunity to the young minds and photo enthusiasts to pursue their desire of capturing the world through the lens.

Karthik has established his name in the fashion and advertising arena and is known for his excellence in this genre and we believe that students at KAPA will be able to capture the same under his mentorship. We wish KAPA all the luck in this new endeavor and confident that this academy will achieve great success. ❞

Masaaki Hori Sony India Pvt. Ltd.

Letter from Sony India




     Brand Ambassador – Sony Alpha Series Cameras

                                                                                                         Founder – Moonstruck Weddings 

Meet Karthik Srinivasan, a dynamic and accomplished figure in the Indian fashion photography scene, whose journey began as a wide-eyed enthusiast arriving in Chennai with a camera and a dream. Years of dedicated work have transformed him into an industry stalwart with a remarkable trajectory that spans modeling, shoot coordination, production, and finally flourishing as one of India’s most sought-after advertising fashion photographers.

Karthik’s evolution in the fashion world has been awe-inspiring. He started as a model, gaining an understanding of the industry from within. Gradually, he honed his skills as a shoot coordinator and producer, showcasing his versatility. This diverse experience laid the foundation for his rise as a preeminent fashion photographer.

Today, Karthik is synonymous with capturing the essence of India’s entertainment and celebrity universes. His portfolio boasts an impressive array of top celebrities, from Akon and Deepika Padukone to powerhouses like Mahesh Babu, Dhanush, and Kamal Haasan. His lens has immortalised luminaries such as Suriya, Vijay, Madhavan, and Shruti Hassan, capturing their charisma and style.

His prowess extends beyond individual portraits, as he has seamlessly collaborated with renowned brands and advertising agencies. His artistic vision has graced campaigns for brands such as Royal Challenge, Samsung, HSBC, and Levi’s. Notable agencies like JWT, Ogilvy, and McCann have recognised and harnessed his unique ability to transform concepts into captivating visuals.

Karthik’s impact is not confined to advertisements alone. His work has also graced the pages of leading magazines like Vogue, Filmfare, and Femina, showcasing his ability to capture narratives through his lens. His visual storytelling has enriched publications such as South Scope, Galatta, and JFW, enhancing their editorial content.

His influence extends beyond the camera’s frame. His commitment to nurturing budding talent led to the establishment of “K’s Academy of Photographic Arts,” an institute that imparts his rich knowledge and experience to aspiring photographers. This move underscores his dedication to sharing his craft and fostering the next generation of visual storytellers.

In yet another stride, Karthik has ventured into the realm of creative wedding imaging services with ‘Moonstruck.’ Leveraging his creative acumen, he brings his signature style to capture the most cherished moments of couples’ special days, adding an artistic touch to wedding photography.

Karthik’s journey has found a natural alignment with Sony’s Alpha range of professional cameras, leading to his role as a brand ambassador. This partnership solidifies his status as a torchbearer in the industry, further elevating his influence and expertise.

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