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How props can enhance your images

Posted on: June 7, 2017 at 2:16 am

You’ve got the photo gear, you’ve got a great model…what next? Posing a model can be a little bit of a challenge, especially if the model or photographer or both are new to the studio environment. Sometimes a lot of photo gear can be intimidating to the newcomer…props can help to a certain extent.

For one thing, a prop such as n umbrella for example, can help define the body language of the model, it gives the hands something to do…hats, scarves, tables and chairs, vehicles, you can use practically anything as a prop as long as it goes with the feel of the image. An out of place prop can be an eye sore! Using the right props with the right feel on the other hand can transform an otherwise good image into a brilliant one! Check out this image of Bollywood star Tapsee Panju photographed by Karthick Srinivasan (Sony a7RII with SAL 70-200mm – 1/125sec, f/7.1, ISO 100).

The model is stunning, the lighting and backdrop all enhance the warmness of the photograph…but can you imagine the same image without the ropes and the fan? For one thing, the rope in the hand has defined the body language as mentioned earlier. But more importantly, all the elements in the composition work together to create a rustic feel. The retro table fan on the side perfectly adds to this. The key is to really get into the ‘feel’ or ‘mood’ of the picture you are creating, and then the selection of props becomes easier…