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The Air Blower – an Accessory to Transform your Portraits

Posted on: June 14, 2017 at 3:15 am

When shooting portraits of models in the studio, sometimes you could do with an extra bit of life in the hair. This gives the picture an all new life to it. There are more than a few ways to achieve this effect. For one, you could have a high speed table or pedestal fan pointed towards the model. This can give a little bounce to the hair. If you are shooting with window light, you could leave the window open for some natural breeze to move the hair. However, the air blower is your one sure fire way to get just the right feel.

You can get industrial air blowers at most hardware stores. They come in different sizes and power options. A hand held one like this in the picture would suffice for our studio uses. It gives out a powerful blast of air that can really move the model’s hair to a breezy feel. It takes just a little getting used to using it. Have a friend help out with this…rather than hold the blower steady, try moving it around just a little to give a natural breeze feel. You’d have to time your shots right to capture the best moment. In such cases it is better to shoot a bunch of images and later select the best option.

The image that you see of actress Hansika Motwani was shot by KAPA mentor Karthik Srinivasan on SONY a7 markII with 70-200mm. The styling on the model is colorful yet simple. The background is simple as well. To have the hair lifeless could have made the image a little too simple on the whole. So, a blower was used to add that little something to bring the styling to life. Moreover, the bright and happy colors on the actress go totally hand in hand with the outdoor breezy feel in the hair.