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The Divers’ Dream Cam Arrives – The Underwater Paralenz

Posted on: June 15, 2017 at 3:41 am

A Danish startup called Paralenz has launched an underwater camera specifically for diving needs. So why not just get a GoPro? Well, it has some clear advantages. Although the GoPro has clearly evolved as the leader in action imaging, the Paralenz is designed specifically for underwater photography, which means it needs no extra housing, thereby reducing the bulk of the gear.

When you dive to serious levels, color wavelengths can change dramatically. Using any other camera, you’d probably have to use a red filter to get anything close to true color the deeper you dive. However, as reported by Petapixel, the Paralenz automatically makes these color corrections with its in built pressure sensor that computes the depth you are at!

The camera has its own dive computer built in as well, which records time and depth that the images were taken at. The app creates a dive log, and when you review your images and recordings, they show up in chronological order.

While the GoPro has a 40 meter dive depth limit, the Paralenz can take pressure upto 200 meters! It shoots images at 8 megapixels, and 1080p 30fps video for 3 1/2hours. No doubt this camera will win the market in its niche segment as a diving companion…